jQWidgets includes several commonly used widgets such as button, toggle button, repeat button, link button, checkbox and radio button. These widgets are enriched alternatives to the standard buttons. They allow you to take advantage of jQWidgets theming and create consistent and great looking User Interfaces.


Every web application needs buttons. jqxButton is a lightweight and easy to use button widget that give your applications enhanced and high quality buttons. It represents an enriched alternative to the standard Button and comes with built-in theme support and built-in templates.

Toggle Button

jqxToggleButton represents a Button widget that switches its checked state after a click.

Repeat Button

jqxRepeatButton represents a Button widget derived from the jqxButton. However, jqxRepeatButton give you control over when and how the ‘click’ event occurs. The jqxRepeatButton raises the ‘click’ event repeatedly from the time it is pressed until it is released.

Link Button

jqxLinkButton widget represents a Button created from anchor element.


jqxCheckBox widget displays a check box that allows the end-user to select a true, false or indeterminate condition.


Radio Button

With the jqxRadioButton, users make a choice among a set of mutually exclusive, related options. Users can choose one and only one option.

12 Months Contract
6 Months Contract
3 Months Contract

Switch Button

The jqxSwitchButton represents a button widget that switches its checked state after a click. It is very similar to the jqxToggleButton, but it has different UI look. jqxSwitchButton can be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

DropDown Button

With the jqxDropDownButton, you can display any type of content in a popup.

Button Group

The ButtonGroup widget manages the checked/unchecked state for a set of buttons. It supports regular, radio and check button modes. Buttons can be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

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