jqxDataTable is a lightweight jQuery Table widget built to easily replace your HTML Tables. It can read and display the data from your HTML Table, but it can also display data from various data sources like XML, JSON, Array, CSV or TSV. jqxDataTable comes with easy to use APIs and works across devices and browsers.


  • Binding to Local and Remote Data
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Paging
  • Row Editing and Validation
  • Nested HTML Tables
  • Row Details
  • Localization
  • Columns Resizing
  • Columns Hierarchy
  • Pinned Columns
  • Foreign Columns
  • Cells Formatting
  • Custom Cells Rendering
  • Aggregates
  • Keyboard Navigation

jqxDataTable or jqxGrid

The key difference between jqxGrid and jqxDataTable is that jqxDataTable does not support UI Virtualization which means that the widget is not appropriate for scenarios which require Vertical Scrolling of large data sets. If you need to display a large data set in jqxDataTable, then you will have to enable the Paging functionality. jqxGrid is more advanced widget and as such it comes with some features which are not available in jqxDataTable. Some of these features are: State Maintanance, Virtual Scrolling, Cells Selection, Checkbox Boolean Column, Checkbox Selection, Grouping with Drag & Drop, Cell Editing, Excel-like Filtering, Filter Row, Column Menus, Drag & Drop, Clipboard Operations and Deferred Scrolling.

Data Binding

jqxDataTable has a built-in data binding logic designed to support various data sources and operate with large data sets in Paging mode. The datatable supports several data binding modes optimized for common scenarios:

  • Local Data - load the data table from a local array of objects.
  • Xml Data - load the data table from XML data source using AJAX.
  • JSON Data - load the data table from JSON data source using AJAX.
  • CSV Data - load the data table from CSV.
  • Tab Data - load data table from Tab-Delimited (TSV).
  • Remote Data - load the data table using JSONP. JSONP (JSON with Padding) represents JSON data wrapped in a function call. JSONP is an effective cross-domain communication technique frequently used to bypass the same-origin policy limitations.


Our DataTable plug-in provides powerful sorting capabilities like one-click automatic sorting and sorting through API calls. The data table automatically chooses the most appropriate sort comparison. Server Sorting is also a configurable option.


The integrated paging functionality lets the users to use the data table with large data sets separated in multiple pages for faster loading and easy navigation. Server Paging is also a configurable option.


jqxDataTable includes an advanced and extensible filtering functionality that allows you to filter by any column for the most common data types. Easy to use APIs allow you to build your own filters and filtering expressions for any data type. Server Filtering is also a configurable option.

Nested DataTables

jqxDataTable has a very flexible layout that enables easy nesting of any content, UI elements and widgets including nested data tables.

Row Details

Row details are built-in feature of the DataTable. You can change the height of the row details area and use custom data templates. You can also use JavaScript APIs to expand and collapse the DataTable's row details area.

Pinned Columns

jqxDataTable supports Excel-like pinned (frozen) columns. The pinned columns are very useful when working with large tables and it makes it easy to scroll and compare data from different parts of the table.

Cells Formatting

Our jQuery DataTable offers a cell formatting feature where you can easily specify a formatting string for data column. You can format dates, numeric values like decimal numbers, integer and floating-point numbers, currency and percentage values.

Custom Cells Rendering

The DataTable programming model is very flexible and extensible. Developers can create custom cell rendering functions and apply them to columns or individual DataTable cells. This feature technically enables rendering of any HTML content in the DataTable cells.


The jQWidgets DataTable plug-in supports localization for multi-language web sites and applications. All text elements used in the widget can be localized.

Styling and Customization

jqxDataTable ships with multiple professionally designed themes. Each theme is stored in a separate CSS file and is easy to change. The themes can be switched using a single property of the DataTable widget.

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