jqxEditor represents a ready-for-use HTML text editor which can simplify web content creation or be a replacement of your HTML Text Areas.


  • Basic & advanced styling. With jqxEditor, you can easily apply bold, italic, underline styles as well as different fonts and font size.
  • Colors Picking. The built-in Color Pickers allow you to highlight text by changing its text color or background color.
  • Inline editing. The feature allows you to edit inline and the jqxEditor's toolbar is displayed on demand above the editing area.
  • Right to left interface. jqxEditor can switch to Right to Left layout and editing mode by setting a single property called "rtl" to true.
  • Hyperlinks. A built-in tool for inserting, modifying and removing hyperlinks is available.
  • Images. Images can be edited via a built-in Dialog where you can define the image's url, size, alt text and layout.
  • Customizable Toolbar and Tools Visibility. Each tool in jqxEditor can be hidden. By implementing a simple callback function, you can also add additional tools.
  • Force paste as plain text. jqxEditor has a property called "pasteMode". By setting it to "text", the clipboard data will be always pasted as plain text
  • PC, Touch and Mobile Devices Support
  • Web Standards Compliant
  • Rich and easy to use JavaScript API
  • Easy customization and built-in themes
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